About Ronneby

Situated at Ripplebrook, one hour south east of Melbourne, in the rolling hills of West Gippsland, with a temperate climate and rich fertile soils, Ronneby Trees is ideally placed for growing high quality advanced trees.

With a broad range of established trees, featuring over 500 varieties of natives and exotics, deciduous and evergreens, we are committed to the production of strong, true to type trees, with solid calipers and developed branching.

Our advanced plants are available year round in SpringRing® containers and field grown in Root Control Bags for harvesting in late autumn, winter and early spring.

Sizes range from 1-2 metre semi advanced trees, up to 10-15 metre mature specimens.

We offer a planting and delivery service where required and ship trees all over Australia.


Ronneby Trees commenced operations in Berwick, Victoria in 1977 with a focus on producing the highest quality trees available to consumers. During the following decade growing techniques utilized throughout the world were trialed to establish growing methods that produced trees best suited to Australia's diverse environments.


We found that the long term success of a tree was determined by the way in which the trees roots developed. Through extensive research and development, Ronneby Trees introduced the Australian market to the Root Control Bag and the SpringRing® container, which revolutionised the nursery industry worldwide. Root Control Bags and SpringRing® containers are patented internationally.


Ronneby Trees is committed to further development of chemical free growing methods and products to continuously improve the quality of advanced trees produced for Australians to enjoy.


The business was named after the scenic town of "Ronneby", in Blekinge County in south eastern Sweden, a region renowned for its natural beauty.