Acer negundo 'Sensation' (Sensation Maple) - Deciduous

Size and Shape:

One of the faster growing maples, this tree is medium sized with neat branching and becomes rounded with age.  Typical mature height of 8-9m, with a spread of around 6m.


New growth has a reddish tinge providing year round colour.  Autumn foliage is striking with leaves turning a mix of bright red, orange and yellow. Insignificant flowers appear in spring with the budding new growth and feature long, drooping stamens.

Uses in the Landscape:

A hardy tree adaptable to both wet and dry situations, this tree is suited to a wide range of applications including avenue plantings, large residential gardens and community situations.


The Sensation Maple is one of the recent maple introductions better able to cope with difficult sites and conditions.  Whilst tolerant of a range of soils and situations this tree will thrive in a full sun position, with well drained soil heavily enriched with organic matter.  New spring growth can be easily damaged by windburn, but this will not effect the trees long term performance.



Acer negundo 'Sensation' (Sensation Maple) - Deciduous