Alnus jorullensis (Evergreen Alder) - Evergreen

Size and Shape:

A medium sized tree, typically growing to around 10 metres tall and 6 metres wide, the Evergreen Alder is a vigorous, fast growing tree with a broad crown.  Open, drooping branches give a graceful appearance.


While other Alders are generally deciduous, Alnus jorullensis retains the majority of its leaf throughout Winter.  Leaves are dark green with serrated edges.  Tiny flowers, arranged in bunches of long catkins, appear in Spring at the ends of branches.

Uses in the Landscape:

Fast growing and tough, the Evergreen Alder is a useful plant in difficult situations where other plants may struggle.  It has a large, deep root system and will perform best where there is adequate moisture.  Makes an excellent shade or specimen tree.  Can be hedged or pleached for a more formal look.  Also used as a fast growing, hardy windbreak.


Native to the Northern Hemisphere, Alnus jorullensis commonly thrive in low lying, boggy ground.  As such they will excel in wet areas that many other plant varieties find difficult.  The roots of this species grow far and wide and as such can be invasive.  Avoid planting too close to pipes and foundations.  As these trees were initially widely planted in Toorak, Victoria they are sometimes also referred to as Toorak Gums.


Evergreen Alders are available in a range of advanced sizes from 1.5 to 6 metres+.  They are grown using SpringRing Air Pruning containers ranging from 25 litre to 1000 litre for optimal long-term performance in the landscape.  As our stock levels change daily, please enquire for current availability.

Alnus jorullensis (Evergreen Alder) - Evergreen