Angophora costata (Smooth-Barked Apple Myrtle) - Evergreen

Size and Shape:

A large tree native to Eastern Australia, the Smooth-Barked Apple Myrtle has dense foliage and a broad, domed, arching crown.  It grows quickly, reaching a typical mature height of 20 to 30 metres with a spread of 12 metres.


An attractive tree, Angophora costata is best loved for its salmon pink to pale grey bark.  Foliage is curved and waxy with older green leaves contrasting with red new growth.  Small white flowers are borne in mass in Spring, leading to small gum nuts that are not problematic.

Uses in the Landscape:

A stately shade tree, commonly planted in parks, avenues and mass plantings.  Very useful for sandy, dry areas.


A fast growing, handsome tree, Angophora costata will adapt to a range of soil situations but prefers well drained soils, especially sandy soils.  Will not tolerate waterlogged sites.  Young plants (under 1m in height) are susceptible to frost damage, but mature specimens are frost hardy.


Angophora costata (Smooth-Barked Apple Myrtle) - Evergreen