Callistemon 'Kings Park Special' - Evergreen

Size and Shape:

A large vigorous shrub/small tree growing to 4 to 6 metres high by 2 metres wide, Callistemon 'Kings Park Special' has a neat, narrow domed shape.


Has a profuse display of red Bottlebrush flowers in Spring and early Summer.  The narrow green leaves are dense, with soft velvety new growth after flowering.  Bird attracting.

Uses in the Landscape:

Due to its compact size, the Kings Park Special Bottlebrush is an ideal plant for where space is limited, such as narrow strips or under powerlines.  Makes a spectacular feature tree in small gardens, but also excels as a screen.  Forms a neat hedge with or without pruning, but will respond well to pruning, after flowering, with thicker growth and increased flowering the following season.


Whilst drought tolerant when established, will thrive in soils that are moist, well drained and slightly acidic.  Great for coastal and exposed conditions, Callistemon 'Kings Park Special' prefers a sunny position, and is frost hardy.


Kings Park Special Callistemons are available in a wide range of advanced sizes from 1.5 to 2 metre semi-advanced plants up to 4 to 5 metre Super Advanced Specimen Trees.  They are grown above ground in SpringRing Air Pruning Containers ranging from 25 litre to 1000 litre for optimal long-term performance in the landscape.  As our stock levels change daily, please enquire for current availability.

Callistemon 'Kings Park Special' - Evergreen