Ficus microcarpa var. hillii (Hill's Weeping Fig) - Evergreen

Size and Shape:

An Australian native, the Hill's Weeping Fig is a versatile tree suitable for many situations. Commonly it is hedged or pruned to size, maintaining a neat shape and dense foliage anywhere from 4 to 15 metres tall. Left to mature by itself it forms an impressive tree with a broad canopy and a dense crown of slightly weeping branchlets, growing to a typical height of 15 to 20 metres with a spread of 8 to 12 metres.


Ficus microcarpa var. hillii is known for its glossy green leaves and dense lush appearance. The trunk is a smooth grey and small greenish figs (7-10mm across) appear from March to April after insignificant flowers. With vigorous fiberous roots, it grows rapidly where there is moisture and a humus rich soil. Bird attracting.

Uses in the Landscape:

Due to its ability to rapidly root into the surrounding soil profile, the Hill's Weeping Fig is able to survive many urban conditions including compacted soil, shading and pollution. It is a tough tree suited to street plantings, avenues or specimen and shade tree applications.


Easy to grow, the Hill's Fig will thrive in either sun or shade, but as it occurs naturally in humus rich moist soils, it requires a moisture retentive well drained soil. Responds well to pruning, either to maintain shape or size, or to encourage bushiness when young. Fiberous roots are wide spreading and can be invasive, so care is required not to plant near pipes or buildings.


The Hill's Weeping Fig trees are grown in a range of advanced sizes from 1 to 1.2m semi advanced plants up to 5 to 6 metre plus Super Advanced Specimen Trees. For optimal long-term performance in the landscape, they are predominately container grown in SpringRing Air Pruning Containers ranging from 25 litre to 1000 litre. As our stock levels change daily, please enquire for current availability.

Ficus microcarpa var. hillii (Hill's Weeping Fig) - Evergreen