Planting and After Care

Planting and caring for a tree is actually quite simple. Advanced trees, like many other plants, have only a few basic needs to survive and thrive.

1. Initial Support

Keeps the newly planted rootball still, allowing fine and delicate feeder roots to have a chance to develop undisturbed.

2. Adequate Water

Water is the lifeblood of a plant. It carries dissolved nutrients into the plant allowing individual plant cells to stay firm (turgid) and not wilt.
It is important not to over water your trees, as this inhibits nutrient and oxygen uptake.

3. Nutrients

Most soils become depleted of nutrients easily, especially if there is a lot of plant competition, so supplementary feeding is important to allow your trees to grow and develop at an optimum rate.

Having said that, the main reason some people struggle with an advanced tree is that they try too hard! Overwatering is the main cause of tree failure in the landscape. Second to this is underwatering, and the third is allowing the rootball to move around (as the top is swaying in the wind) preventing new roots from developing.

It is also important to keep pests and diseases from taking hold. But the good news is that if you keep your tree vigorous and healthy, negative reactions due to pest impact is greatly reduced.

Planting an Advanced Tree

1. Dig hole and check drainage
2. Remove container from tree and put in hole
3. Back fill with existing soil
4. Fertilise if required
5. Firm soil around tree
6. Water in well
7. Stake and Mulch